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The Art of Being a Woman

This series of courses includes a 40-day home-based yoga and meditation practice with guided journaling and weekly teleconference calls. We will learn and discuss the unique design of a woman and how to apply our gifts for support, healing, courage, and change. Each chakra course stands alone. Join at anytime; beginners are welcome! Running bi-annually for over 6 years!

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The Art of Being a Woman Course Details and Information

With Kundalini Yoga and Meditation, we will learn,practice and share techniques to create an inward change while supporting an outward change, a life of inner peace, outward strength, and positive change.

How to Do the 40-Day Practice:

Ideal Situation: Each woman will create a quiet, private place in the house with candles and soft lighting for daily yoga, meditation, and journaling practice. She will meet in the same place for a weekly, uninterrupted conference call.

Real Situation: The efficient and productive woman leading a full life will do her yoga wherever she can; the lunchroom at work, in her mini-van, or on the kitchen floor while cooking dinner. She will listen in on the weekly conference call and press the "mute" option while serving dinner, helping with homework or driving to soccer practice.

Details: A 90-minute teleconference call once a week on Sundays from 6 through 7:30pm ET, 15-30 minutes of daily yoga, meditation and journaling. A video clip and detailed instructions for yoga, journaling and conference calls will be emailed when you enroll. You will need a folder for materials, a journal, a timer, an email address and the ability to print documents.

Instructor: Mary Straub Pargas, BA, CYT, has been instructing women's classes, retreats and one-on-one therapy for over 15 years. She is a certified Yoga Therapist and Kundalini Yoga instructor, a holistic practitioner and coach, and a spiritual teacher. Her practice, Yoga Therapy and Treatment, specializes in women's holistic health. She has degrees in Applied Health Science with a double major in Education and Public Health and a minor in Biology. Mary's philosophy is that women are in their highest when gathered together with the purpose of self-growth.

Enrollment: To complete registration and payment select the "Schedule Now" button.

$245 per participant. Sign up early; this class fills up, maximum 15 participants. This is an active sharing participation in the class that requires you to be there every Sunday (6-7:30 pm ET) for 7 weeks. The sharing time is not recorded, and is considered confidential between the 15 participants and instructor.

$195 per participant. This a non-active participation in the course. This allows you to receive the full chakra yoga and meditation practice, all the teachings, weekly journal focus, and recorded classes each week. You have unlimited access to the recordings at any time for the length of the course.

Women's Kundalini Yoga Class

-Sue Nelson, CYT and Mary Straub Pargas, IYT

-Wednesdays, 5:30-6:45pm

-January 21-April 29

-Ice House Studios, downtown Harrisonburg

-217 S Liberty St. Suite 201, Harrisonburg

This unique series of classes is for all women, all sizes and abilities, and all levels of health, and there is no previous experience required. This gentle but transformative class will rejuvenate and balance the most stressful minds and tired bodies. Each class has a focus on whole health and integrative wellness using gentle Kundalini Yoga, deep relaxation and meditation. We begin by tuning inward with a positive mantra for the support of our higher selves, we will then do breath work and light yoga body movements. Next is a deep relaxation, followed by active meditation to focus on calming the mind and healing the body.

Sue is a certified teacher with a specialty in Yoga for Cancer Survivors. She offers modifications and gentle support for women at all levels of health challenges, having years of experience teaching at RMH Hospital. Mary is a certified integrative yoga therapist who has a strong focus on health and wellness, specializing in holistic education.

The Modern Spiritual Woman

-Dates: TBA

-Times: 5:30-7:00pm

-Enrollment: $25/class, 6 classes (no drop-ins)

This small intimate class of 7 women will include a theme, a meditation and teaching, as well as personal sharing on removing the a blocks to self-empowerment, stability, and inner peace. If you would like for your group of friends, or couples to sign up and create your own class and themes, please email Mary to arrange.

Loving Within: Women's Yoga and Meditation Retreat

Yoga Day Retreat

This cozy day retreat will have us nestled in the peaceful countryside, sitting by a warm fire, eating nurturing food, doing yoga outside with the warm sun and gentle breeze, journaling, sharing, and celebrating life. Every retreat will have a specific theme and location. If you wish to host a day retreat in your home with your friends, please email Mary.

To Register for the Current Retreat:

Women's Spring Equinox Yoga Retreat

Dates: TBA

$245 (only 8 Participants)

Location: The Farm Retreat in Keezletown.