Yoga, Healing, Peace of Mind


What can Mary, Yoga Therapy and Holistic Coaching do for you?

With Holistic Coaching, Mary will support and guide you in your healing process so you may quickly discover the root of your suffering, and begin to heal in a deeper, more sustainable way.

Yoga Therapy is a personalized set of exercises created for your physical ability and your personal intentions. The yoga sets combine movement, stretching, breath techniques, meditation, relaxation, mantras, and mudras. Mary recommends a yoga and meditation practice to let go of repetitious behavior and thinking.

Mary has been instructing classes, intensive retreats, and one-on-one therapy for over 15 years. She is a certified Yoga Therapist, certified Kundalini Yoga instructor, and Holistic Practioner and Coach. Yoga Therapy and Treatment specializes in women and children's holistic health. She has degrees in Applied Health Science with a double major in Education and Public Health with a minor in Biology.

Yoga Therapy has been proven for:

  • Flexible body and Mind
  • Relief from depression
  • Calm, relaxation and peacefulness
  • Anti-aging
  • Greater kindness and compassion toward self and others
  • Focused, clear mind
  • Healthy glands and organs
  • Detoxification
  • Capacity for self-healing
  • Strength
  • Self-acceptance
  • Optimal metabolism and healthy weight
  • Ability to eliminate compulsive behavior and bad habits
  • Techniques to use under stress
  • Ability to work through mental blocks
  • Patience and perseverance
  • Improved energy and vitality
  • Strength

Private Practice Rates (for office, Skype camera, or phone appointments)

Initial Appointment - for first time clients only: $135

This appointment includes an e-intake form to assess personal goals and health needs, a numerology overview, a specialized yoga therapy home practice and a 50 minute appointment with personalized support tools and holistic coaching.

Regular Appointments: $75 (weekly, bi-weekly) or $95 (monthly, drop-in)

This 50-minute appointment may cover personal concerns and life challenges, changes in your yoga and meditation practice, holistic coaching, the Focusing Technique, health education, and Advanced Vedic teachings for an integrated therapeutic approach.

What to Expect

  1. Click on Schedule Now: choose an appointment time, and Mary will send you an invoice through Paypal.
  2. If you are a New Client, Mary will email you an intake that you should email back to her no later than 1 week before the appointment.
  3. How to prepare for the session: arrive ten minutes early, sit quietly reviewing your list of questions and goals, and bring a journal to take notes in.

Office Clients should come dressed in modest layered yoga clothes to:

Ice House Studios

217 S. Liberty St. Suite 201

Downtown Harrisonburg, Virginia

Directions: Located across from the Farmer's Market Pavilion on S. Liberty Street. Parking is available in the Farmer's Market lot, or in the nearby Water/Bruce St. parking garage.

Enter the factory renovation complex from Liberty Street, walk onto the covered walkway towards the middle of the building and look for the elevator and stairwell. Come to the second floor. Walk straight ahead (back towards the Farmer's Market side of the building), to Ice House Studios, Yoga and Pilates. Come inside, and wait for me on the couch.

*Phone Clients, 540-289-2419: Please call this number at your scheduled appointment time.

*Skype Camera Clients (Skype Address: Mary.E.Pargas): go to, create an account and add Mary to your contact list. This will send an auto-invite to Mary, and she will accept. At the scheduled appointment time, turn off all programs on the computer, bring up the Skype application and click on Mary's contact. Wait for Mary to call you then click on the "camera icon" to begin the session.

Best Option: for complete support of the mind/body/spirit holistic healing, it is suggested that the client completes the initial intake, meets with Mary and begins a 40 day practice of their personalized yoga set, and sets weekly appointments to adjust the practice and to answer questions about the healing process concerning emotional shifts, relationship changes, body changes, mental healing, and spiritual insights.

Other Option: every client and healing situation is different. Some clients have a good support team in place to help during the healing process and some are just beginners. A client has the option of calling Mary on an as-needed basis.