Yoga, Healing, Peace of Mind


"You have a wonderful ability to speak to a group with strength and purpose, while radiating warmth and insight. You had a powerful and positive impact on everyone."

-Client from Virginia

"Mary has provided us with the tools and support to move through some difficult times in our family life, empowering each of us with more grace, ease, and compassion both for ourselves and each other. She has a gift for recognizing a child's natural gifts, for helping to turn around seemingly negative situations, and for supporting family life in a beautiful, compassionate, and holistic way. She is a true gem!"

-Client from Massachusetts

"The yoga practice is dissolving my fears and insecurities, and I feel more stable."

-Client from Canada

"Mary's Yoga Therapy has helped us to become more aware and centered. We have grown individually and in our partnership of life and business. Such an interactive approach to realizing one's inner potential is truly amazing and empowering."

-Clients from Montana

"It is easier for me to let go of my insecurities, and I know that when I'm in the trenches, it's just for a short time and soon it will pass."

-Client from Costa Rica

"Because I am older, I was afraid the yoga was going to flare up my hip pain, however my hips have never felt better."

-Client from Virginia

"I have experienced a huge change in my anxiety, depression and mood swings. It feels good to set aside time every day for myself with yoga and meditation!"

-Client from California

"I thought of you on Mother's Day for the nurturing and mothering energy you provide. Thank you."

-Client from Montana

"I really thank God that you are in my life, as a teacher, therapist, and mentor. I don't know what I would do without the meditations. It has helped me so much; it is truly an incredible gift from the universe."

-Client from Massachusetts

"Yoga Therapy and Mary helped me through my divorce. I stayed grounded and focused while making future life decisions. It helped me move forward successfully."

-Client from Montana